Novelty sales promotion

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We are offering planning, production, design of original items as well as marking of name on ready-made items in accordance with the customer's budget.

To enhance the promotion effect

When you distribute novelty for promotion and advertising, first of all, it makes no sense if the novelty is not received.
Also, you cannot expect the effect of the promotion by distributing items which is not used so much, or distributing to person who wasn't matching the targeted audience.
In order to enhance the result, it is important to create novelty, which will draw the interest of customers, and to distribute to targeted people properly.

To enhance the promotion effect

The typical novelty can be calendar, which is distributed in the end of year.

There is a high chance that calendar will be taken if you distribute it, because of existing demand on the calendars in the end of year; in addition, if it is liked, it will be placed in a prominent place, and the calendar will be seen everyday.
Therefore, this can be called as a novelty of highly-effective advertising.

The important points in choosing novelty goods.

  • Choose the novelty which matches targeted people.

    Choose the novelty which matches targeted people.

    When you think about the novelty for the services or goods not related to gender, it is generally said that the effect can be increased by targeting women. Also, it is effective to divide the women into segments by age groups. If you deal with the goods and services that are preferable by young men and women, it is necessary to consider the content, which has the potential leading to the purchase, such as planning of goods which can make women happy.

  • Select novelty suits purpose

    Select novelty suits purpose

    The purpose of using novelty goods is to sell goods and services effectively. If other company has already distributed goods or services similar to yours, you can make it more possible to get people to choose yours by adding novelty.
    The point is make the purpose clear like "Want to increase the quantity of sales", "Want to attract customers in opening the exhibition", "Want to have fans" and to select novelty which suits to the purpose.