Guidance to our overseas procurement services

"Fukuin Thailand" is a subsidiary company of Fukuin International in Bangkok; we have built the cooperative relationships with a large number of local companies in Southeast Asia. We would be pleased if we could help your international procurement with our local network.

―Service introduction―

  • Printing and publishing services

    We are accepting the orders for a variety of printing materials of catalog, manual, flyer, poster and package. If you consult with us about the intention "I want to print this", our experienced designer will turn your idea into a real form. Because of the high quality and reasonable prices, we are preferred by many Japanese Companies.

  • Our own service (Thailand)

    Distribution service
    Book sales and flyers
    ・Please consult with us when you want to distribute things like printing and publishing materials at Thai market, such as displaying poster.
    ・Sales promotion service
    Concerning sales promotion in commercial facility, we would help in creating ideas, implementation of market research and its reaction assessment.