Traffic sales promotion

Our strength

We provide not only a partial help, but also the full support including arrangement of publishing of advertisements in the train, planning of advertising media, design, data production, printing, the content creation of the web site and etc.
We suggest optimal promotion after clarifying of your needs by interviewing.

Features of the train advertising promotion

Attention tool of "train advertisement" motivates to Just now! Immediately!

In the limited space of train, there are limited content of advertisement, which can be attractive as the advertisement.
Increasing of the amount of information by making the character’s size smaller is limited, because it is assumed that the passenger is seeing it in the distance.
Therefore, the smartphone attracts the attention of eye.
By putting the QR-code in the train advertisement, which is forwarding on the special site by smartphone, it is possible to provide more information. If interested in advertising, you can forward on the site then and there.
By the hanging promotion, it can realize “Just now! Immediately!”

Features of the train advertising promotion

Recency effect created by closed space*

Inside of train, the special space, can create high advertising effect.
By generating the interest to advertisement in the train and adding mechanism of forwarding to the website, it will cause stimulation of purchasing motivation, which will lead to purchasing behavior. It means that recency effect is generated.
Thus, you can make the effect immediate by making advertisement in the train be internet-induced type.
※Recency effect: the effect of the impact on the buying behavior of people through the recent contact with advertising.

Promotion price

As the cost for advertisement will change according to route and advertising types
(JR, Private railway, subway/placing location for ad and etc.),
please contact us to clarify the prices.
In addition, we are also offering advertisement not only in train, but also in the bus.